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More than 125 years of experience as a leader in the diamond sector have given ISD a uniquely deep insight into all aspects of a fascinating but complex industry. In 2008, we established the International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research so that we could share the benefit of our expertise and experience, and offer greater levels of confidence to the diamond trade.

ISD has rapidly established itself as a vitally important service provider, bolstering trade and consumer confidence through the provision of diamond grading and testing services, as well as cutting edge screening and verification instruments. We are now proud to extend our service further with the introduction of our new ISD Education Services.

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ISD Diamond Foundation Course

In recent years, the pace of change in the diamond industry has accelerated rapidly. For professionals in a sector that experienced such little change for such an extended period, understanding how to respond to this evolving environment can be challenging.

Whether it’s the breadth of competition from other luxury goods, challenges from within the industry such as the increased focus on synthetic diamond products, or downstream issues relating to the changing retail landscape – with the internet age leading to consumers having much greater access to diamond grading and pricing information – it’s undeniable that selling the ‘diamond dream’ is more complex than it has ever been.

ISD Synthetic Diamond Detection Course

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With an increase in the global production of synthetic diamond material in recent years, coupled with the expectation for production capacity to continue growing, the ability to detect synthetic stones is an increasingly important issue in the diamond sector. While trading standards and industry regulations require full disclosure of synthetic diamond products before and during sale, it only takes one instance of an undisclosed synthetic diamond inadvertently being sold as natural for a business’s reputation to suffer. The issue therefore represents a significant risk to both trade and consumer confidence.

ISD is focused on bolstering trust in the diamond sector and has invested in innovations that enable diamond businesses to trade with confidence.

Although higher quality synthetic diamonds could potentially be mistaken for natural diamonds due to the similarity of their appearance, with the right knowledge and equipment– such as that developed by ISD – they can be easily detected.

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ISD Diamond Foundation Course

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This intermediate course is conducted by experts who provide a deep dive into this critical subject, using some of the best insight and technology that ISD and the ISD has to offer, and consists of a combination of theory and practical work.

Learning objectives

  • Industry definitions
  • History of synthetic diamond
  • How synthetic diamond is produced
  • Uses of synthetic diamond
  • Types of synthetic diamonds
  • Identification of synthetics 'hands-on' practical sessions
  • Advanced techniques
  • Question and answer session
  • Review of post-study reference materials

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