Diamond Cutting

Diamond Cutting & Polishing (3EX) Coures

  • Information about Diamond
  • Information of 4C’S
  • Information on how to get level of Polishing Mill, Polishing Wheel & Tangs.
  • Information on how to set Vibration of Polishing Wheel
  • Information on how to get diamond operation & Blocking
  • Information About how to get lapping of Polishing Wheel and how to polishing.
  • Diamond making according to manual and GIA Parameter.
  • G-16 Blocking method
  • Knowledge of sarin & Helium Print
  • How to work in variation of 0.5
  • How to Reduce variation
  • Knowledge of Polish & Symmetry
  • Knowledge about how to get the micro Polishing
  • Information of Re-Cut
  • Information on how to repair diamonds
  • Polished Diamond Grading
  • Exam